History of Stretch & Frame.

In 1976, Bob Lincoln Senior, "Big Bob", had finished renovating an old motel owned by his father, into an apartment house called "The Lanai".
Meanwhile his son Bob ("Little Bob"), was playing guitar and singing in a local Dallas dance band.

"Big Bob" was in need of someone to help manage the apartments, and "Little Bob" was in need of a part time job to help support his music, so the two got together to help each other out.

The old hotel had a cafe, that was no longer used, and as they were wondering what to do with the area, the Bob's found out about a man that wanted to sell his art shop. Charlie Rice Enterprises, on McKinney Avenue, that specialized in canvas stretching and picture framing.
Since "Big Bob" had been in wood construction all his life, this sounded worthwhile.

Charlie Rice was an artist in many ways and his work was meticulous.

S t r e t c h  &  F r a m e


After 40 years of stretching & framing, we have closed our Dallas store.

We have moved 2 hours east, to the small town of Winnsboro.

For ordering and info please call: 214-728-8410

-- Serving the DALLAS - FORT WORTH Metroplex since 1976 --

Before he handed over the keys to the business, he wanted to make sure that the person who would take over would continue to bring integrity to the shop.

In October of 1976, after many hours of learning the trade, "Big Bob" purchased the business from Charlie. He moved it to the lobby of the Lanai Motor Motel on Harry Hines Blvd., and changed the name to STRETCH & FRAME.

In 1980 the Lanai was sold, and Stretch & Frame moved to the James Business Park, located at Royal Lane and Harry Hines Blvd.
One year later on October 6, 1981, "Little Bob" married Ippi, and the three of them worked together at Stretch & Frame, doing business mainly with designers and artists.

When "Big Bob" passed away in 1983, Bob and Ippi continued the business with the help of two friends, Roger Upchurch and Bob Carlson. For 14 years they operated out of the space at the James Business Park.

In February of 1994, they moved to 5800 Maple Avenue and added Lincoln Gallery.

At this time Bob & Ippi were working with their nephew, Barry Tagg, who helped part time by stretching canvas.

After being on Maple Avenue for 19 years, it was time to relocate, and Stretch & Frame moved to 8230 Elmbrook Drive, suite 600.

The lease was for 3 years, and Ippi & Bob were planning on retiring after that, but the customers wouldn't let them... yet. They had so many orders for canvasses, it was hard to close the shop and plan a move. Then, after almost a year after their lease was up, in December of 2016, they found their dream home in East Texas, about 8 miles south of a small artsy community named Winnsboro. And, the property had an awesome workshop for Bob! Even though they're pseudo retired, Bob's still building those canvasses!

We feel very blessed that all of our customers are part of our success story, and we thank God every day for the opportunity to serve you.