Stretch & Frame

Stretch & Frame is a small family owned business.
Recently, owners Bob and Ippi Lincoln moved to Winnsboro, a small town in East Texas.
Stretch & Frame no longer offers picture framing or stretching of paintings and images on canvas.

Bob still builds blank canvasses for artists up to size 6' x 9' 

We have a $300 minimum order, and will deliver to select area's. (please call for info: 214-728-8410)

S t r e t c h  &  F r a m e


After 40 years of stretching & framing, we have closed our Dallas store.

We have moved 2 hours east, to the small town of Winnsboro.

For ordering and info please call: 214-728-8410

-- Serving the DALLAS - FORT WORTH Metroplex since 1976 --